Mpathix Inc.
Products & Services: Auto Attendant

Capitalize on the growing small business and virtual office opportunity

Small business is one of the largest areas of growth in today's business market. With Mpathix Auto Attendant, you can provide this growing business market with wireless PBX functionality utilizing your Mpathix Voicemail system. This application allows businesses to create customized attendants that can:
  • Route callers to a specific department
  • Provide dial-by-extension and dial-by-name functionality
  • Play pre-recorded announcements
  • Send callers directly to voicemail

Create custom auto attendants in seconds

This application features an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop graphical interface. Unlike legacy hosted auto attendant systems, Mpathix Auto Attendant is simple enough to be configured by your business customers. Mpathix Auto Attendant provides several benefits over legacy systems:
  • Reduced client care costs
  • Lowered testing costs by visualizing the attendant
  • Simplified collaboration with your business clients

Serving business customers is easier than ever