Mpathix Inc.
Products & Services: Unified Messaging

Provide the increased productivity your business customers demand

Mpathix Unified Messaging helps deliver increased productivity to your demanding business customers. Users can access and manage all of their voicemail, email, and fax communications efficiently through a single web based inbox. Unified Messaging is fully integrated with your existing Mpathix Voicemail system for seamless functionality.

Voice, fax, email. One inbox.

Mpathix Unified Messaging includes the following features:
  • Web-based inbox
  • Web-based administration
  • Integration with all popular email clients
  • Mobile device support (WAP, Windows mobile, etc.)

Unified Messaging: simple, intuitive, powerful

Mpathix Unified Messaging simplifies the messaging experience. For subscribers, the benefits include:
  • Single inbox for all messages
  • Message access from any device
  • Access to messages when away from the office
  • Simplified management of voicemail features

Get the message: anytime, anywhere.